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Services provided by Opportunity Realty, L.L .C

Rental Property Management Services

Management services to meet the more limited needs of smaller properties and the demands and complexities of larger buildings. While we offer a selection of management program packages that meet the needs of many investment owners & Associations, our programs can be customized with a combination of services that meet your building’s maintenance, management and budget requirements.

Opportunity Realty L.L.C can serve as your rental property agent and provide tenant management services for your individual condominium or rental building.  We offer background screening services, lease agreements, assistance with eviction proceedings, and day-to-day management services. Owners can take advantage of our web portal for reports, updates,.

Our property management services include but is not limited:

* Lease processing and renewals
* Reporting: Monthly accounting, annual CRP preparation
* Rent collection
* Utilities programs
* Building maintenance

We provide a full range of management services:

Tenant Services: Renting the apartment, rent collections, and timely response to tenant problems.
Property Maintenance: Through sub-contracted personnel, monitoring the work being performed.
Reporting: Monthly accounting, annual CRP preparation
Property Maintenance: Through sub-contracted personnel, monitoring the work being performed.

We pride ourselves in assisting you in upgrading your property, thereby improving rental rate and keeping tenants happy and your apartments full:

Maintenance/Janitorial & Cleaning Services

Opportunity Realty L.L.C can provide valuable management consultation on building infrastructure repairs, ensuring that high quality work is delivered on time, at the right price and with the proper safety and warranty.  Our reliable network of providers is prepared to meet the range of your building’s needs from roof replacement and masonry projects to snow removal, landscaping and regular maintenance.

* Timely response to tenant problems.
* Building maintenance
* Grounds keeping

Utilities Management Services

Opportunity Realty L.L.C reviews all utility costs such as gas, electric, and water on a frequent basis to help ensure that buildings are running as efficiently as possible and appropriately charged.

Construction Management Services

Opportunity Realty L.L.C  has a background in construction management and is qualified to manage large repair, renovation and capital improvement projects.  From small scale “curb appeal” projects to extensive renovations, our consultation ensures that all contractors deliver inspection-ready, high quality work within budget constraints.

Accounting & Financial Services

Opportunity Realty L.L.C offers comprehensive accounting and financial services as a standard service for all clients. From budgets and tax returns to invoices and reconciliations, our accounting team is prepared to manage your building like a business, with a high level of integrity and detail.  Our convenient online account management tool provides Owners with an efficient way to review their monthly statements, tenants can submit non-emergency maintenance requests and pay their rent online.

Association Communications Services

Opportunity Realty L.L.C  is able to create, maintain, and manage various Association needs that are time consuming when self managed.  These frequent needs may include resident and preferred contractor directories, Association declarations, by-laws and rules/regs distribution and management, and other important building information such as the insurance policy, meeting minutes, and budgets.  They can also serve as the point of contact for realtors and mortgage brokers involved with the sale and purchase of your building’s units.

Compliance Services

Opportunity Realty L.L.C ensures that your government program is in compliance with all applicable state, county and municipal laws and ordinances.  We can also manage the timely submittable and completion of required fees, permits and inspections and are available to provide guidance and recommendations for legal issues that may arise.

We manage properties under Section 42, and we are certified to manage these government programs.
The Section 42 Tax Credit Program

The Section 42 LIHTC Tax Credit Program is a program for individuals and families making moderate or lower incomes. Congress created the Program in 1986 as part of the Tax Reform Act and is administered by the Internal Revenue Service.

Benefits to you.
The benefits to residents living here, are that the apartments are newly constructed or substantially renovated with rents usually lower than the market rate. The rents are no higher than 30% of the area median income as published by HUD, often resulting in rents lower than other comparable apartments

Difference from housing programs. 
This Program is not a subsidized housing program or Section 8. Resident are responsible for the full amount of rent each month. The rental amount is pre-set income limits in the area, and NOT based on your individual household income.

To become eligible, your total household income including income from your assets, must be less than or equal to the pre-set income limit for the area. To determine if your eligible all information will need to be verified.

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