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Their truly the first impressions that makes a lasting impression.

I’ve experienced a fair share of receptionists over the years… Their truly the first impressions that makes a lasting impression, the first face & voice others see and/or hear. Their attitude can either make or break the ability for others to preform well at their job or a business deal! Erin Cichanski has truly shown me what a thriving friendly, courteous, such a positive attitude and willing to help, her work ethic in communication skills, attentive to detail, multi-talented and amazing ability to work under stress her personality and public relationship is a unique quality of her own.. Thank you Erin for your loyalty and dedication. Your truly an asset to my company.

Brenda Lipkie Licensed Real Estate Agent/Broker/Owner Property Management

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Welcome to Opportunity Realty LLC.

Opportunity Realty L.L.C provides a full range of management services.

Our most important point of success is communication between all parties, from tenants to property managers, vendors to facility technicians, accountants.

Our property management services include but is not limited;

* Lease processing and renewals
* Reporting: Monthly accounting, annual CRP preparation
* Rent collection
* Utilities programs

Property Maintenance: Through sub-contracted personnel, monitoring the work being performed.

* Timely response to tenant problems.
* Building maintenance
* Grounds keeping

We pride ourselves in assisting you in maintaining and or upgrading your property, thereby improving rental rates and keeping tenants happy and your apartments full.
I look forward to your call, you can contact me at 507-202-8686

Brenda Lipkie
Opportunity Realty LLC ” The Future Is Now !”
Licensed Real-Estate Broker/Owner

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